United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Population 10.2 million
Area 83,600 km sq
Timezone GMT +4
Language Arabic
Located on the Arabian Gulf are seven emirates that together make up the United Arab Emirates, one of which is Dubai, arguably the commercial and tourism capital. This is where we find our affiliate partners.

For decades, this trading hub has continued its development (and diversification away from economic reliance on oil and gas), into a world recognised phenomenon, with first class infrastructure and connectivity, glamorous tax-free lifestyles, ground breaking developments and ambitious business opportunity attracting investment and expats from around the globe.
The property market in Dubai has become more regulated in recent years. Foreign ownership is permitted in over 50 designated freehold areas, for both resident and non-resident foreigners. In addition to freehold, there is leasehold ownership option, usually a 99 years agreement.

Through the UAE Investor Visa Programme, there are opportunities to gain residency permits via property investment in Dubai. The length of the visa depends on the size of investment, entry point being AED 1,000,000 property investment (around £240,000) with three years resident visa (inc. option for dependents). Fees, terms & conditions apply. There is a Retirement Visa option in Dubai. Check details.
Compared to other major cities, Dubai is considered ‘fair value’ for longer-term investments with further growth anticipated. Gross rental yields average around 6% yield. Short lets are regulated by the Department of Economy and Tourism, with even home hosts needing to register with Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DTCM). There are some restrictions on villas, so check out eligibility before making an offer if this is criteria for purchase.

Also, check ongoing costs for property with your agent.
According to Dubai Land Department (DLD) records, in 2021 there were 84,772 property transactions worth a total of AED300bn. Indians represent the largest group of foreign investors in property, but Brits rank consistently highly. Dubai Marina saw the highest value of transactions, followed by Palm Jumeirah and Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Burj Khalifa.
The most mortgages were recorded for buyers in the Dubai Marina area. The purchase process requires a lawyer and a public notary – and it can take as little as 30 days to complete, from point of sale agreement. Contracts must be in Arabic so get a translator if English versions are not available.
If you are non-resident, check if there is a double taxation agreement between your country and Dubai. You may be liable to pay tax. There is no income tax or capital gains tax in Dubai. There is Sharia Law around inheritance if there is no alternative will in place. Make sure you use an estate agent that is RERA registered and certified. Get in touch with us and we can connect you to our affiliate partners.