Population 107,800
Area 119.5 km sq
Timezone GMT
Language English and French
The Channel Islands are self-governing, dependent territories of the British Crown. They form part of the British Isles. The largest of the Islands is Jersey and this is where our affiliate partners are located.

Closer to France, off the coast of Normandy, the Island enjoys a temperate climate with warmer temperatures and more sunshine than the UK.

Jersey has a population of 103,267 (2021 Census). The island is five miles long and nine miles wide, with a strong infrastructure and a friendly, safe environment. There are 12 parishes, each different. Residents can enjoy quality of life and active lifestyles, often heading to the beach after work or school days.
Island life and tourist attractions aside, Jersey’s favourable taxation system has made it stand out. Jersey is not tax free, but it is tax efficient, with personal income tax at 20%, no VAT (there is a 9% goods & services tax), no Capital Gains or Inheritance tax and 0-10% business tax system amongst others. It has proven an attractive location for financial services & e-commerce companies, in particular. Agriculture and tourism are the other two main industries.

The capital, St Helier is home to 35% of the population. Some of the most expensive real estate is found on the South Western coast. Inland finds more traditional granite homes. But not everyone can buy, or rent, property in Jersey.
While British and Irish nationals do not need a visa to visit, a registration card is required before you can work or take on any housing contracts in Jersey. The type of accommodation permitted depends on status, and most newcomers are ‘registered’ which means they have no right to buy, and have specified rental options.

‘Entitled’ status individuals can buy property, rent and work freely depending whether status is permanent or restricted. ‘Licensed’ status allows one property for residence, with some conditions.
The Island continues to be successful in attracting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) with sustainable annual earnings over £735,000 and where minimum tax payable on worldwide income is at least £145,000. HNWIs can apply for High Value Residency status and if granted, this allows you to buy property in Jersey as main place of residence; over £2.5million for a house and over £1.25million for an apartment. The Chief Minister grants the status.

The Chief Minister considers the social or economic benefit of each application too, and whether it is in the best interests of the community. Locate Jersey is set up to help HNWIs and companies looking to invest in Jersey. Our affiliate partners can help too.

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