Population 2.7 million
Area 824,292 km sq
Timezone GMT +2
Language Oshiwambo, Afrikaans and English
Located in South West Africa, Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert, the Namib desert, which runs along the length of its Atlantic coastline. Over a million tourists visit each year, to enjoy the dramatic scenery and diverse wildlife.

Much of the population, including expats, is concentrated around the capital, Windhoek, one of the cleanest and safest cities in West Africa. English and German are widely spoken.

Tourism contributes over $7 billion to the country’s GDP each year, with mining the main economic contributor. Namibia is the fifth largest producer of Uranium and has large marine reserves of diamonds.
Namibia is a desirable location for expats in Africa, not least due to its high quality of life. There is good infrastructure, including health services, it is well connected and it has a stable, democratic government. Our partners believe there is potential in terms of long-term property investment.

Most residential property is freehold and foreigners are able to invest in Namibia, including non-residents. Owning land as a foreigner is more problematic, with permission required from the Minister of Lands and Resettlement.
Visas are required if you are a British passport holder and plan to stay in Namibia longer than 90 days. Check immigration requirements with the embassy, or use the services of an immigration agency specialist if you are looking to relocate. There are Investor Visa, Work Visa and Retirement Visa options. It is a complex process.

When buying a property a conveyancer is needed. It is normal to pay a 10% deposit when both parties the Deed of Sale is signed. It can take an average of 52 days to complete from this point. Allow 12% on top of asking prices for Transfer costs. Check with your agent. In Namibia, the seller has to declare any property faults up front. They are liable, even at completion, with or without prior knowledge.

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